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Super counter strike

Super cs is not Quake, where the sensitivity of the mouse and its akceleracia - matter of habit. In CS appreciated the absence of acceleration and low mouse sensivity. Yes, and it is necessary to direct to the head.

There are many tactics of shooting long and short bursts. I will try to teach You "clamping" correctly!

Sensitivity (Sensivity)

Most players think that the sensitivity of the mouse every person comes to taste. This may be true for Q3, but obviously does not work for mod contstrike. The fact that Q3 is a very dynamic game, unlike CS (especially with version 1.5). Moreover, in Q3 has weapons of type Grenade Launcher or a Rocket Launcher which require pointing in the exact place in codrenii point for the intersection with the trajectory of the movement of the enemy. All this demands high sensitivity, since the time of the guidance is everything.

In CS there is only weapon precise targeting (grenades). Of course, there are and bestowal, but it is nothing more than an effect, where bullets fly not in the centre of the sight or even the sight shifted. In CS there is no need to predict the movement of the enemy - you just aim at the enemy and compensate the impact moving sight during the shooting. The result - all you need is to follow the gun at the enemy with his speed.

Path to success - small session. Almost every cub scout starts to play with high Sensoy, choosing it so that it was easy to move and turn. The author started with sense 7.5. Yet while this was included in the average acceleration and default session in Windows. These settings allow you to do good headshots near, but at middle and especially long distances rather worked case: any error in the mouse movement emerged from considering the high sense.


Middle mouse has a resolution of 400 dpi (dots per inch), sootvetstvenno the higher your session - the less of most of these points you leave. Try to aim for the head at a great distance with Sensoy 20 and you'll understand what ya the problem here is not that you can't move my mouse, but that the mouse resolution is limited. Mouse with 400 dpi can read your movements 400 times per inch of the surface. Ball determines the position of the mouse cursor very primitive way of movement of the ball broadcast on the rollers, which in turn forwards the traffic on the wheel. At the wheel there is a grid of cells which reads the sensor readings.

As a result, when moving the mouse over 1 inch (2.54 cm) wheel crosses 400 cells and the higher stock sense, the greater the number of cells is spent on one movement of the cursor. The optical mouse to work differently, in fact, comparing the two pictures and calculating the motion vector difference to detect motion (by the way, why optics will not work normally on the mirror surface). Another limitation is the fact that USB interface sends updates only 125 times a second (even if the optical sensor takes readings 6000 times per second, USB will give only 125), PS/2 can be configured to 200 updates per second (200 Hz)

Turns 180 degrees

Enough technical information yet. In summary - high stock sense will not allow you normally aim for two reasons: first, the limitations of a mouse dpi are the stronger, the higher the session, and secondly, the higher the session, the smaller and precise movement should be done for guidance.
Super hero cs can make a very small movement of the mouse, but the problem is that the slightest error in this movement is multiplied high Sensoy. That is, when a small sense this error would not be critical and you would still get close to the desired one.

Many people think that little session useless in melee, because it slows down your movement. This is not the case. High stock sense makes you lazy - you don't have to move the hand at all, only slightly turning the wrist. Is the biggest and most common mistake players with high Sensoy - they don't use the space on the mouse pad, which they have.

In this situation, using a low sense there are real problems with turns and with the movement at all. But if you think about it, the constitutional court does not require spreads on 720 degrees. all you need is powerto 180 degrees (and rarely, if you know how to listen and hear where your opponent). With a normal mouse and comfortable pad, you have no problem making such a reversal, together with sense ravno for example 1.2 and thus will not lose the ability to point to the opponent in the head.

To sum up:

Players with high Sensoy turn and aim one wrist, while players with a little Sensoy turn hand, and aim wrist and move quickly and accurately to direct sight.

Those who think that high Sensoy their sight before it appears on the enemy, in reality spend more time on the move when their sight AROUND the enemy and for adjustment of the sight if the opponent to budge.

Super hero mod cs 1.6.
In my time I have tried various sensitivity levels mouse with acceleration, and without it; the results of observations I will tell you how the acceleration affects the behavior of the mouse in the game. Off the acceleration does not matter the speed of movement of the mouse is important only distance, conducted on the surface of the rug. What distance you will hold the mouse across the Mat as much and will move the cursor on the screen (more or less - dependent on the preset parameter sensivity). And when the acceleration is enabled, it is important not only distance, but for a while You this distance will pass. In short - the speed of movement of the mouse on the surface. .

In super cfg cs 1.6  acceleration is definitely interfere: it is better to have a strong movement and precise focusing, than floating cursor that often slips past the goal... If you have exactly 3 centimeters to purpose - that hover just as much as it is needed; when the accelerator so will not work, because, as I said, will be taken into account even such parameter as the speed besides distance and a sens'

In short: if on, the acceleration of you every time navigates wherever you want. Personally I use the acceleration is only when playing Quake with rocket launcher'om - it's easier to let fast missile, regardless of accuracy; but because Сounter Strike no pistol - the need for acceleration once lost. In essence, the acceleration is an attempt to combine the low sensitivity of the mouse with a high. You may well be able to show a high level of play and enabled acceleration, but try to turn it off and you will see that without acceleration you will shoot even more accurate! But the most stupid thing is to play with low sensitivity and enabled acceleration: in theory, this configuration should provide accurate aim and speed of movement, but in practice realize that cannot accurately aim, nor quickly turn around! =(

Windows settings sensitivity" and "m_filter"

If you think that there is a linear dependence between Windows sensitivity (sensitivity of the mouse when running on) and sensivity in super herod mod cstrike, You are deeply mistaken! For example, if you increase this Windows sensitivity twice, and sensitivity in CS reduce by half, the cursor in the game will move far not as much as before. Will conduct an experiment :

Experience№1: Windows sensitivity - default; CS sensivity - 2. The 360-degree is the distance in all mousepad.

Experience№2: Windows sensitivity is increased in 2 times; CS sensivity - 1.8. The 360 degree turns again took the distance in all mousepad!

Speaking about the pros and cons of the various provisions Windows sensivity first of all I want to say that the high sensitivity of the mouse in Windows allows you to more accurately aim - position the cursor over stabilise, but at the same time you will not be able to seamlessly and easily rotated through a large angle. With regards to the low sensitivity in Windows - everything is Vice versa... Windows sensitivity is dark woods, I am powerless to explain some things. For example, when two different players with different sensivity the 360 degrees of rotation is one and the same time, but one of the speed of rotation of the cursor when you first zoom AWP is the same as the second in a double zoom (and zoom_sensivity_ratio the same)... in Order to avoid such problems I play with default Windows sensivity (or maybe I just got used to it =))
Cs 1.6 super simple wallhack.   
Console command m_filter 1 principle doubles your mouse dpi, but this is purely a software method and evidence above the factory, you will not achieve. What exactly makes m_filter? Here's what: after receiving the initial coordinates of the mouse (let's call this point A) should pause, then read the new mouse position (coordinate). Then, between these points is inserted coordinate S. As you probably guessed, the time at which it reads the distance from a to b is your number hz (Hertz). So, if you have a valid value 200hz, a delay in the movement of the mouse will 1/200 sec; and if 40hz, 1/40 sec. and so I'll explain what it is you face. Included m_filter will be extremely useful on high sensivity, because you are on the screen do the same great way, as on the Mat. But with little sensitivity - m_filter not necessary because the mouse you travel the distance more than and the cursor moves on the screen. The effect is created when you have too high dpi" (the number of pixels, conducted by an inch smaller than your mouse dpi). Therefore, a variable m_filter 0 is another advantage of the small sensivity.

Technique aiming

When I started to play CS, I didn't even know how to buy weapons =). I was just running around with a gun and picked up weapons from dead players, then I came out the enemy from behind and shot him in the back. But with time I realized that hit in the back takes a lot less hp than a direct hit to the head. Now I focus my sight on the head of the enemy, assessing its trajectory - as soon as the enemy appears in sight, I reflexively will Navajos on the head. First was awful - I constantly smeared and I didn't have time to aim, but with practice I brought her technique aiming to automaticity!

This does not mean that I kill only headshot'AMI, there are various situations: logs, illogical behavior of players, giving different versions of CS differently situated hitbox's etc. Unwritten law CS'a: I want to play really cool - telepites, streljate only in the head! If someone enters the room - not in a hurry to shoot at hand and foot, and wait for the appearance of the head. If long and hard practice, targeting in head will be done automatically and you will not be difficult to kill the enemy juicy headshot'Ohm, while others will try to kill it in the body. The next important thing is to always keep an eye on the level of the heads of the supposed enemy. Will adapt and feel the scales easiest, following the cursor over the heads of the fleeing fighters your team. I always do - it helps me to identify and remember the head level at different distances in different maps. The further the enemy - the lower the level of his head; as increase/decrease of the enemy have to raise/lower the sight, that he remained on the same level as the head of the enemy. You may ask: why all the time to keep an eye on this level? Yes, because headshot causes the greatest damage, and if you hit someone in the head, or he is already dead, or he will die soon, because of a small kolichestvah hp. Yes, keeping the eye on the level of the head, you will take less time to aiming at his head suddenly appeared opponent should not be led by the mouse is the enemy already in the crosshairs! The principle of aiming the following: imagine the enemy in the place where he may appear calculate the level of the head and move down the sight. It remains only to wait for the enemy and shoot!

Here's an example: de_aztec, you are at the gates of the ARTICLE and look at Terrorista gate. Estimate the distance to the goal, the growth of terrorist and move your cursor to the level of an imaginary head. We just have to wait and when terror to write them savory headshot's. It is logical to assume that the terrorist attacks can crawl out of the gate; then, naturally, the cursor will be much above the head, BUT as we know the speed of movement on all fours much less than Jogging! This will allow you to quickly rebuild the gun and kill the "cunning". Because you have more time but to transfer the sight of the provisions heading running in the head" to "aim sitting in the head", than the other way around =).

With time you will understand where we have to wait for sitting (creeping), and where standing (running) of the player. For example in de_dust have wooden gate (leading to point A). That's where I always I wait for the seated players especially when I'm running through the tunnel.


It is time to draw conclusions from the foregoing. Swill I described the best method precise aiming. Using this method is very easy to hold position: view of the slit, doors and corners where can pop out the enemy. All you have to do is keep an eye on the level of the head and pressed EP spray when an enemy appears. It seems easy, but it was not there... Even the players extra class can improve their tactics aim'and shooting. And try to prove that I am wrong =). Well if you still think you can me preurediti, stocked dokazatelstvom your innocence - I am always ready to listen to you!

I always sends chills when I see a player with excellent accuracy of fire, but telomerase in the ground. Thus he never realizes his sniper potential! In the ground to watch it when you're running with rocket launcher'ohms. Immediately asks: do not dostavite me with his eternal "And I already knew and without you!" - I simply do not believe! You know, but not everyone does it (including top players)! There are players who often keep chaff sight at head level, but not always. The habit to keep sight it on the line headshot'and increase your speed neutralization of the enemy and will reduce your mortality.

Keeping in sight at the level of heads significantly reduces the time aiming, especially in small chustvitelnost mouse when rotating prijela takes quite a long time (in the fight every second counts). At higher values of the variable sensivity of course you will turn faster, but pogreshnostei in tip you can not avoid. I hope I clearly outlined his thoughts and arguments. So turn off acceleration, lower sensivity and aim exclusively in the head!

Short line (bursting)

Where, how and with what power You get by firing all depends on what it will be long. Consider the different variations:

1) the Shot - the shortest of all in one cartridge =). Effective type of fire (which requires good preparation), but if You are aiming shoot one bullet and get the enemy in the head - there is a probability that he will survive (AWP do not count =)), meaning that need at least one more shot to "finish" the enemy... and the return on this queue capital differs from the benefits for 2 or 3 cartridge queues. The main disadvantage of this type of shooting is a long wait for the next aimed shot: should converge chaff of sight, and at every second counts... So I suggest to improve the effectiveness of fire, "clamping" two rounds.

2) Turn in two rounds - if You shoot the queue two rounds and get Your frag in the head, then the probability that he will survive almost equal zero: the first shot in the head and in the force of bestowal second only slightly deviates from the target, but still a chance to get the second bullet in the head is very large. If the two bullets in the head - this is a 100% death from headshot'a! The first two points designed for shooting over long distances.

3) All three cartridge - effective method of firing at targets at medium range. Very likely headshot'a third cartridge - raises sight return. The probability of hit in the head more, if the first cartridge aim at the chest, and if it is to aim at his head, it is likely that the other two will fly past... I like to shoot this method at closer distances, why I don't know. Remember! The more ammunition in line is the more value/variation and the longer the wait the next aimed shot.

The main position of the cursor (sight) in firing short bursts at the level of the head. You need "to aim for the head" - to keep sight at head level, as in the queue, and during pause. Scheme: capture aims - turn - pause a queue...

Long queue (spraying)

Many players at the sight of the enemy simply to hold the fire button and try to hit the opponent, compensating for the impact by moving the cursor to different sides of the screen. I think this is wrong and ineffective strategy shooting. When shooting long queue is important to precisely align the first shot; this is important because the first 2-3 cartridge fly almost in the centre of the sight.

If You do not get the first three bullets (which often happens when You begin to shoot in the head; and if you still and shoot, you can even the first bullet hit), then you need to move the cursor down to repay the level of bestowal. It is very useful to learn to get in the head in the middle of the long lines - handy. After all, when released a lot of ammo, and at least one hit in the head is the likelihood of another stray bullets in the body is large enough - it's spray!

So even in this type of fire - aiming (aim) in the head it is an important place; and if we work out, then the solid headshot's when spray e provided! To practice on small maps (as cs_mansion, fy_iceworld, fy_poolday, de_box...). And one more thing, I almost forgot, a long queue in 30 cartridges is not recommended =).

If you make a short pause in the middle of the stage, the probability will increase many times. The longer the queue - the less accuracy. Therefore it is better to slow down, when the spread is becoming uncontrollable. How often and how exactly a person uses spray, speaks about his skill and experience. Do not repeat the mistakes of others: shoot and blow out the return synchronously. Some folders you shoot first and then think about reward is wrong.

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